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Welcome to Lady's Academy for Fantasies and Mythical Creatures. Here, sons and daughters of fantasy characters and mythical creatures learn things they never thought they would learn like technology or archery. Each student has a specific class for who they are, who were their parents, and what they are in to.

The person who owns this academy is Lady Silver BlueStar. She is the head of the school and the most beautiful lady you would see as a academy owner.

Which Fantasy Class is best?

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  1. You may use doll makers from Doll Divine, doll apps, or anything! But make sure to leave a link to the dollmaker you used in the notes please!
  2. This wikia is allowed for all users so cursing is legal..(don't judge)
  3. The characters must be at least the ages 10-18
  4. If you ever need help as Miss Creativity(CreativeMadness) or an Admin such as Rainbow(EmmaRainbow)!
  5. You can use names from movies. EX:Serene Moonacre,(Moonacre is a movie and Serene was the name that Maria Moonacre named her bunny).
  6. Enjoy your time here!

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