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Starting the wiki

Well, we have a lot of work ahead of us. So......let's start by talking about the task at hand

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well do what you want but remember to info me.
I can make a theme song depending on the essence.
okay...i'll see what you got then i'll try it...i might use a real song for the theme song.

Well, it might be a parody. The fanfic's (Saved By the Wand) title is a spoof on the song "Saved by the bell." I figured I could make a parody, add graphics, add main characters, and it could be our intro!

Cool! i was thinking that the academy would be almost like "Sabrina the teenage witch" from hub since there is a school there for magical creatures! I was also thinking this school would almost be an anime.

I've never seen that show, but I'm guessing it fits.

Do you know any apps where I can sing the renewed song and put the characters in?
i don't know any apps that could do that but smule sing app thing lets you sing your own songs..

Yes, but if I could record my own song, and lay it over graphics.

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